A virtual assistant is an independent contractor who provides administrative services to businesses while working from home.

Our Virtual Assistants are working from home and physically located in the Philippines

A Virtual Assistant can perform anything you ask them to do. As long as you give them a clear instructions, they can support you with your business by lead searching, calling, administrative task, or any related task to help grow your business and save you money.

Filipinos are prepared to work in any clients timezone. Starts from Mondays to Fridays or you can let us know your customized and preferred days of the week and we will look for the available VA to work for you.

We are offering a time tracker to all of our clients, it is not required but if you are requesting to monitor and track your assigned Virtual Assistant, we will start giving them the time tracker and you will have the access to view them from the tool (Teamlogger).

Yes, you can hire as many Virtual Assistant as possible for your business.

Yes, you have the right to choose the perfect Virtual Assistant to work for you and your business. First, we will interview the candidates, then we will send you the top 3-5 candidates that meet your needs including their resumes and lastly we will schedule a meeting with you together with the candidate to know them better and you can decide for yourself who you should hire to work for you.

In the first day of working together with your Virtual Assistant and you think he/she is not the right person to work for your company, just let us know and we will help you replace the agent by bringing back the previous candidates to see if they fit for the position.

We are using Zoho invoice for the payment of the service. We require a one month advance of the plan you choose so we can pay the workers on time without delays.

Your first invoice includes the remaining work days for that month and a month advance (required). This must be paid prior to your virtual assistant's start-date.  Then 5 days before the end of each month, you will receive the regular monthly advance invoice with adjustments for the actual hours worked of the agent in the previous month.

You are not require to pay for the sick leaves of the agent. But if you think that you need to lend a hand, just let us know and we will not adjust and deduct the amount for the next month.

Standard US Holidays:

  • New Year's Day: January 1
  • Memorial Day: May 31
  • Independence Day: July 4
  • Labor Day:  1st Monday of September
  • Thanksgiving Day: 4th Thursday of November
  • Christmas Day: December 25

Working to help grow your business is our main goal and for appreciation purposes and for everyone to feel the presence of Holidays and long service, we require all our clients to share the blessings!

We will send a 70% of the monthly invoice to cover for the agent's 13th month pay on the 1st day of November (prorated to the months worked for the year).

It will help your Virtual Assistant enjoy the upcoming holidays together with their family just like yours!

Yes, we will send you a Service of Agreement for you to sign. On the other hand, your virtual assistant will sign the Virtual Assistant Contractor Agreement inclusive of their roles and responsibilities, liabilities, and confidentiality policies while working for you.

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Focus on what you do best and let your Virtual Assistant take care of the rest!

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